Gallery & Bookshop

DJANG was my gallery and bookshop in the Northumberland village of Bellingham, which I ran for a year and hosted several exhibitions by contemporary artists. DJANG is an Australian Aboriginal word meaning the creative energy that moves the universe and all living things in it.

DJANG Exhibitions

July-August 2010: PAUL STANGROOM: Northumberland Landscapes. See

October-November 2010: ALICE SHEVLIN: photographs from the North Tyne.

December 2010: BIzARRE BAzAAR (including Mike Bell, Maggie Cullen (, Nancy Hart, Kahn/Selesnick, Paul Martin, Alice Shevlin, Paul Stangroom et al).

March-April 2011: SHEEPFOLD: the Sheep Cottage collection including works by Thomas Donaldson, Simon Fraser, Kim Lewis, Mary Ann Rogers, Paul Stangroom and The Farm.

April 2011: Baafest photographs by Gary Coles.

May 2011: RONCADORA PRESS (artist books by Hugh Bryden) featuring Digging by ANDREW FORSTER. See

June 2011: STEPHANIE WESSON: Duality (paintings)