Translating work for Swedish Poets

During the past four years I have been translating the work of Swedish poets, including Ann Jäderlund, Magnus-William Olsson, Katarina Frostenson and Eva-Stina Byggmäster. I was commissioned to translate a selection of Ann Jäderlund's poems by Poetry International Rotterdam for her reading there in June 2014. These translations can be read on their website on this page:

Magnus William-Olsson read my translations with his poems in Swedish at Brown University and other venues in the US during a short reading tour in February 2014. See

One of these translations was commended by W.N. Herbert, co-judge of the Stephen Spender Prize 2014 for poetry in translation, for its 'assured, unique tone - puzzling, metaphysical'. See

Eva-Stina Byggmäster asked me to translation some of her songs for a composer to set to music. I also translated a selection of her poems from her recent collection Locus Amoenus for the Spring 2018 issue of the online magazine Interim. See

I am now working with Erik Jonsson on an anthology of modern and contemporary Swedish poetry in English translation.